Weekly Space Hangout – March 13, 2015: Astrophysicist Katie Mack

Weekly Space Hangout – March 13, 2015: Astrophysicist Katie Mack

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)

Special Guest: Astrophysicist Katie Mack (@AstroKatie)

Ramin Skibba (@raminskibba)
Charles Black (@charlesblack / sen.com/charles-black)
Brian Koberlein (@briankoberlein)

This Week’s Stories:

Plans Announced for First Phase of Square Kilometer Array
The Milky Way is larger than we thought
Mars once had oceans
Waiting for a Signal from Philae
Is There a Better Way to Sterilize Spacecraft?
Underground Ocean on Jupiter’s Largest Moon, Ganymede
Curiosity REgains Use of Arm, Recommences Mars Science
Explosive Erumptions Rocked the Youthful Moon
“Jupiter” Space Tug Could Deliver Cargo to the Moon
Hydrothermal Activity in the “Broken Heart” of Enceladus
Energy-Harvesting Method Shows Promise for Mars Power Stations
Nine Dwarf Galaxies Discovered in Orbit Around the Milky Way
This is How Venus Would Look Without its Thick Layer of Clouds
A Grand Extravaganza of New Stars
Solar Jet Fuel Has Been Created for the First Time
Dark Matter Dwarf Galaxy?
Hot Water Activity on Icy Moon’s Seafloor
Icy Conditions Delay TMT Work
NASA Creates Anti-Gravity Field, Makes Lab Rats Levitate
Two-Mile-High Structures Rising on Saturn’s Rings
The Further Adventures of Rosetta and Philae
Mysterious Phenomena in a Gigantic Galaxy-Cluster Collision
KSC Shopping for Liquid Hydrogen Solution Ahead of SLS Debut
Billionaire Teams Up with NASA to Mine the Moon
Boeing Would Pull Seats, Life Support, Engines for Cargo-Carrying CST-100
India to Fly RLV Tech Demo by June
Public Gets Chance to Image Mars from Orbit
NASA, Orbital ATK Ready SLS Five-Segment Booster for QM-1 Test Firing
UPDATE: Curiosity to Resume Use of Robotic Arm in a Few Days
Japan’s Hayabusa 2 Asteroid Mission Checks Out
Fastest Star in our Galaxy Propelled by a Thermonuclear Supernova
Giant Methane Storms Raging on Uranus
An Explosive Quartet – Hubble Sees Multiple Images of a Supernova for the Very First Time
Hubble Sees Supernova Split into Four Images by Cosmic Lens
Astronomers Watch the Same Star Explode Over and Over Again Thanks to Gravitational Lensing
Glitch on Curiosity Rover Traced to Drill Mechanism
TWiM: Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos in Patent War over Drone Ship Technology
NASA Spacecraft Becomes First to Orbit a Dwarf Planet
Dawn Spacecraft Slips Quietly Into Orbit Around Dwarf Planet Ceres
A Mission to Europa
Why Isn’t the Universe as Bright as it Should Be?
NASA’s Chandra Observatory Finds Cosmic Showers Halt Galaxy Growth
British Goverment Approves First Spaceport in Europe
NASA Making Plans for Russia’s Secession from ISS
Planet “Reared” by Four Parent Stars
ALMA Performs its First Very Long Baseline Observations
Mars: The Planet that Lost an Ocean’s Worth of Water
Landing Region Chosen for InSight at T Minus One Year to Red Planet Launch
20 Year Old Military Weather Satellite Exploded in Orbit
Power System Failure Likely Cause of Military Satellite Explosion
Bright Spots on Ceres Likely Ice, Not Cryovolcanoes
Far From Home: Wayward Cluster is Both Tiny and Distant
Google Gives Lick Observatory M to Relieve Funding Woes
ULA Targets 2018 for Delta 4 Phase-out, Seeks Relaxation of RD-180 Ban
NASA Says Mars Rover Curiosity Temporarily Idled by Short Circuit
An Old Looking Galaxy in a Young Universe
Crew Member Matt Woods participated as a World’s Largest Astronomy Lesson Breaks World Record
A Young Star Takes Center Stage
Mikulski Announces Retirement
Timing of Russian Rocket Engin Ban Puts USA, USAF in Bind
Life “Not as we Know It” Possible on Saturn’s Moon Titan

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  1. Maxim Lyovin Maxim Lyovin
    May 6, 2015    

    Do we need an alternative theory of gravity if it’s turns out that dark
    matter doesn’t exist?

  2. James Haney James Haney
    May 6, 2015    

    Astrophysicist +Katie Mack joins The Kosmic Krewe – +Universe Today ‘s +Fraser
    Cain , +Brian Koberlein , +Ramin Skibba , and +Charles Black – for the
    3/13/15 (a Lucky Friday for the WSH Crew!) of the *Weekly Space Hangout*!

  3. rictus gate rictus gate
    May 6, 2015    


  4. Patrick Festa Patrick Festa
    May 6, 2015    

    I have to stop missing these Live!

  5. John Jogerst John Jogerst
    May 6, 2015    

    “with all the problems here on Earth, why should we bother going to space?”
    – Because the solutions to our problems (either technology or resources)
    are out there beyond the gravity well of this mudball.
    “why should we let celebrities go to space?” – We aren’t ‘letting’ them;
    they are spending their own resources (which we gave them by paying
    them/buying tickets, etc.) to go. It’s their money, not yours.
    Thus endeth the rant – I really hate the ignorance embodied in those two

  6. Eric Williams Eric Williams
    May 6, 2015    

    Can we comment about all the WATER being found on Moons lately like
    Encelidous, etc. Thanks! :-|}

  7. Patrick Festa Patrick Festa
    May 6, 2015    

    I have to stop missing these Live!

  8. Galaxia Galaxia
    May 6, 2015    

    Hi people, happy to join you!

  9. Steph Salus Steph Salus
    May 6, 2015    

    I think it looks like fun to o to space just don’t get lost

  10. Twiztidguy Twiztidguy
    May 6, 2015    

    +Gman3511 Do I know you?

  11. Steve Harvey Steve Harvey
    May 6, 2015    

    At 34.10 Ramin skibba explains the difference between star clusters and
    dwarf galaxies and he states that star clusters have no dark matter.
    That had me a bit baffled as we are trying to detect dark matter (wimps)
    here on Earth with detectors only a few metres across yet he states there
    are entire star clusters that do not have any at all.
    This gives me the impression that the Earth and it’s surrounding space is
    enveloped in a kind of dark matter bubble whereas these star clusters are
    not.Is that correct? 

  12. Eric Charland Eric Charland
    May 6, 2015    

    Change in work schedule means i can’t watch these live anymore. Good thing
    they’re here to watch when i can ! Keep it up Fraser !

  13. mcmadman51canada mcmadman51canada
    May 6, 2015    

    theoretically speaking, is endor no longer science fiction?

  14. Bradley Galea Bradley Galea
    May 6, 2015    


  15. William Mims William Mims
    May 6, 2015    
  16. Gman351 Gman351
    May 6, 2015    

    Scratches head no hangout this week ? or did I go forwards in time ?

  17. Gman351 Gman351
    May 6, 2015    

    Could Dark Matter be residue from a parallel universe ?
    Things that make you go Hmmm !! ¯*(ツ)*/¯


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